IWAT News and Views Issue 9 April 1, 2016

Get your tickets for our April 30 Annual Spring Fling at any IWAT Event or contact iwatpresident@gmail.com! Hurry! Seating is limited! All proceeds are donated to our annually selected charities. This year, our recipients are the Hueiming School for the Blind and Disabled and the Pregnancy Support Center. Each year, our members choose which great causes they would like to support. To learn how you can help more, contact Rebecca at iwatpresident@gmail.com APRIL 20 TOUR! Reserve your seat now! Seats are limited! May Book Club Would you like to host? We will discuss Tracks: A Woman's Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback by Robyn Davidson April Apr. TBA 10am-12pm and 7pm-9pm

IWAT News and Views Issue 8 March 1, 2016

大家好! Hello Everyone! The first application for our non-profit status will be sent out soon. Then, we will be having meetings to officially pass by-laws and elect board members. As soon as we finish collecting the signatures of our "founding members," we will be ready to submit! Our organization will be changing a bit, but it will still feel the same. Instead of "president" and other specific job offices, we will have a board of directors, a chairman, and activity coordinators. Would you like to be a part of the board or nominate someone? Serving on the IWAT board has helped me find a sense of purpose, helped me discover new interests, allowed me to practice leadership skills, and empo

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