September 2017 Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 1

THANK YOU to the Board and Supervisors for 2016 - 2017!

Chairlady's Note

大家好嗎! Hello Everyone!

During the past two years, it has been an honor to serve you all. The ladies of IWAT never cease to amaze me. The loving-kindness that you all provide to one another and the entire international community is boundless.

Every year in the autumn, we see many new faces at our weekly events. September has been our traditional welcome luncheon because many corporate families are new to Taichung. Many local and long-time expats join then as well.

What brings them? Some ladies come to network and grow their businesses which is really smart! Some ladies feel passionate about volunteering and growing their professional skills --I learned how to run this blog and tweak our website! Quite a few ladies join to build their English language skills. We all come to IWAT to meet new friends and have fun!

As I sat at the last luncheon in August, I felt misty-eyed. This will be the last month that I serve as Chairlady/President. Was I able to continue the legacy that was passed to me? I looked around the room and saw longtime members reconnecting, and I saw new members to our community welcomed warmly. And I realized that it wasn't me who continued this legacy. Our members are the wonderful women who make our lives in Taichung a tapestry of love. How do we continue to maintain this consistent warmth that is so special to our group, I wondered.

It didn't take me long to answer my own question: we embrace our motto "Friendship Makes a Difference." Not only do we believe it, we live it. We know how much joy the gift of a new friend can bring us. We also know that a warm smile and loving-care is essential to the well-being of all of our members-old and new. So we plan activities, take field-trips, and we eat together (Let's not forget eating-that may be the most important piece!). We work together, and we have fun together. We celebrate one another.

IWAT is a home outside of our families wherein all ladies are welcome. Who will we welcome next?

With much love,

Rebecca MacNeal


Our September 13th luncheon will be our final opportunity to get the EARLYBIRD membership renewal rate of NT$1200. After that, the rate goes back to normal- NT$1500 (New members pay NT$1800). Don't forget to pay your dues!

September 13th Welcome Luncheon Details

When: September 13, 2017 11am-2pm

Where: The Landis (Hotel ONE) 28th floor see ad for address


Full lunch: 850 NT (650 NT member discount)

Buffet only: 750 NT(550 NT member discount)

Coffee/tea/cookies for 350 NT (250 NT member discount)

General Assembly Meeting at 11:30am:

  • Vote for 2017-2018 Board of Directors and Supervisors

  • Approve the Annual Plan and Budget.

  • Discussion and vote for future charity donations to a nearby indigenous tribe

Please contact Rebecca for details or to RSVP at

Activity Groups-Get Involved!

Looking to get involved in some hobbies or learn some new ones? We have several "unofficial" activity groups that keep members in touch with each other revolving around special interests. Just fill out the survey below and press submit to join in! Or go directly to the survey by Clicking Here!