November 28, 2018

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May 2018 Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 8

May 1, 2018

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May 2018 Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 8

May 1, 2018


A Word from our President


Hello Everyone,

This has been an amazing year and a great experience for me to work with IWAT. I would like to thank all the board members for your unconditional contributions. Thanks also goes to all the members who participated in different activities and donated time and money to help the community through different charity events. We have had a monumental year of membership growth and strong support for our charity fund. We saw love and friendship flow within our organization.


If you have the heart to make IWAT an even better organization next year, we would love for you to join the IWAT board. What can we do to help you? What are your needs? We would like to hear from you. Check out some of the many fun positions on the board and see where you can help (listed below)!


Wishing you have a great summer and safe travel! We are looking forward to seeing your happy face when you return in September and hearing your great stories! 


Jessica Wang

Help IWAT be even more amazing in 2018-2019! Join the board!


IWAT Board of Directors Positions

  1. President/Chairlady - Directs the vision of the organization based on current member interests, facilitates coordination of activities, helps with monthly newsletter and formal lunches

  2. Secretary - Keeps minutes of board meetings and annual meetings, helps to prepare annual report

  3. Treasurer -  Keeps an accurate accounting of our monies, issues receipts, does the banking, and periodically meets with our accountant (who prepares our financial statements)

  4. Membership Coordinator - Welcomes and helps new members while maintaining our google drive member database.

  5. Charity Organization Coordinator- Helps find and vet charities for IWAT to help fund

  6. Coffee Morning Coordinator- Commands the coffee bin and helps schedule hostesses

  7. Tours/Workshops Coordinator- Plans activities and adventures for membership.

  8. Hospitality - Helps coordinate luncheons and weekly activities

  9. Events Coordinator - Helps plan amazing family, friend and fundraising events

  10. Website/Blog Master - Maintains website and/or monthly newsletter

  11. Print Coordinator - Helps design and print ads as well as other media for IWAT






May 9 11am-2pm  Farewell and Early Bird Renewal Lunch 

May 23 10am-12pm Coffee Morning


-Official Activities suspended until September-


June 13 12pm-2pm Casual Lunch -Location TBA



July 11 12pm-2pm Casual Lunch-Location TBA 


Hospitality Committee Notes


From the Charity Corner


Great job, Ladies! Our last two charity events of the season have given us a good start for our autumn giving! Now we need to decide which charity we can best help!


By the Numbers

Spring Fling: NT$76,090

Morrison Flea Market: NT$20,050

April Coffee Morning: NT$1900

Social Scene