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Greetings from the President

Nihao and welcome to our organization and to a year of exciting meetings and events!  The International Women's Association of Taichung (IWAT) cares about you and your comfort and welfare while in Taiwan.  Many of us have been involved with IWAT for many years and have witnessed firsthand the benefits of IWAT's outreach and generosity.

Being a part of IWAT allows you to learn about life in Taichung and Taiwan, explore other cultures, and develop lasting friendships.  We just celebrated our 40th anniversary, and our membership is made up of both local Taiwanese women as well as expat women from many nations.


We have many exciting events planned for this year for you and to help support our charities - Premature Baby Foundation of Taichung, Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation, and Andrew Charity Association.  They include:


Casual Luncheons

  • Coffee Mornings

  • Fundraisers - Compass Fest Bake Sale, Morrison Flea Market

  • Interest Groups - art & music, biking, book club, crochet, hiking, KTV, mahjong, yoga, swimming

  • Social Events - Christmas Banquet, Spring Fling

  • Tours - Vineyard, Hot Springs, Mountain Hiking Day

  • Volunteer - Andrew Food Bank

  • Workshops - baking, crafts, painting


Our meetings/luncheons are held monthly on a Wednesday.  Our Coffee Mornings are held on the last Wednesday of every month.


Once again, welcome to IWAT!  We look forward to a great year and many opportunities to support you and our charities.


Xie Xie Ni!

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