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There are more than 200,000 babies born in Taiwan each year, of which 8~10% are born prematurely. These babies, nearly 20,000 each year, and their parents are faced with numerous challenges, frustrations, and worries for the uncertain future.

However, with proper medical care, premature babies can lead a normal life. To help premature babies overcome difficulties and grow up healthy, Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan was jointly founded by Mackay Memorial Hospital and many other non-profit organizations in January 1992.


PBF is dedicated to ensuring that every premature baby has access to proper medical care of the best possible quality. The Foundation also seeks to raise awareness of prematurity as a serious problem and educate the public in order to reduce the rate of premature births.



Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation (TWRF) was formally registered in September of 1987 to provide legal consultation and counseling to girls and women in the sex trade and to help them return to their families and society.


The foundation has been a pioneer in the effort to eliminate the trafficking of women in Taiwan and was established with a mission to eradicate child prostitution which, as recently as 1987, was a serious problem, most notably with economically disadvantaged parents selling their daughters into prostitution.


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