December 2016 Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 5

Chairlady's Note 大家好嗎! Hello Everyone! For many of us, gratitude is a part of the holiday season. First, harvest festivals kick off a season of thanksgiving. My family favorite was always American Thanksgiving. In December, Hanukkah comes for the Jewish with a celebration from repression of their religion and a rededication to the temple. In the Muslim religion, people honor Milad un Nabi, recognizing Muhammed's birthday through gift-giving and giving food to the poor. And of course Christmas, a time for Christians to give thanks for the birth of Jesus. Before Christianity came to the Roman empire, December 25th was recognized as the Winter Solstice and birthday of Saturn. It was also co

November 2016 Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 4

Chairlady's Note 大家好嗎! Hello Everyone! I believe that we are finally getting a taste of Autumn weather today which means it will be time to revive our hiking group! The bikers have stayed pretty active over the hot, long summer, but us hikers may be a little wimpy when it comes to overheating. Who's with me to go hiking? Luckily, last Saturday's weather was perfect for the Compass Festival at People's Park. The humidity was down and the sky was cloudless. Our bakers made amazing treats that delighted the Taiwanese who visited the booth and triggered major nostalgia for home from the Westerners. Please join me in thanking them as well as the lovely ladies who worked tirelessly to sell them

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