October 2016 Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3

Chairlady's Note 大家好嗎! Hello Everyone! I hope you are all safe after Typhoon Megi hit us with her full force. As a native of the American southeast coast, I grew up waiting for the next hurricane to hit-mostly because it meant a day or two off from school, but also because the extreme of the storms always felt cleansing. Not only did the storms knock away the loose and rotting debris from the landscape, but they also forced me to pause and renew my appreciation for my blessings. The past few weeks, I have been recovering from Shingles (virus). It is often triggered by stress and a compromised immune system. It was a wake up call that I have once again let myself become unbalanced. I was

September 2016 Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 2

Chairlady's Note 大家好嗎! Hello Everyone! Monday, at our first board meeting of the season, it dawned on me that we have put together an amazing Board of Directors and Supervisors! This dynamic group of women have fresh ideas and amazing energy. They have passion for fundraising and friendship, and I cannot wait to see how we will evolve over this next season as we finalize our non-profit application. As an expat, and indeed as any person, it can be very easy to lose sight of your purpose. For some of us, we have moved away from the jobs and identities of our origin. We may find ourselves in a bit of a doldrum in which we do not know how to escape. From time to time, even those of us who ma

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