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IWAT News and Views Issue 10 May 1, 2016

Mailchimp verison of this newsleter click here: May Newsletter

President's Note

大家好嗎! Hello Everyone! IWAT members have had a wonderful busy beginning to Spring! AND May is even more amazing!

Not only do we have our normally scheduled activities, but we also have the Flea Market and preparations! A group is also set to go visit indigineous tribes with Cheryl Robbins as our guide. We have our elections for our new board members! We have our membership drive for early bird renewal! Our nominees for the board have been notified and asked if they were available to help lead us. We also have some volunteers for committees. What can you do to help? Join a committee! Reach out and use or develop your talents! Click on Links to sign up to help out with the Flea Market at Morrison AND join in the Insense Workshop on May 12. Please be sure to email me if you are moving away this summer. We'd like to let everyone know where we can find you next.

Much love to you and yours, Rebecca

Recent events:

IWAT visited an award winning private organic tea farm in April!

Spring Fling 2016! -What a bunch of gorgeous ladies and gents!

Our Informal Line Activity groups are a great way to meet friends with similar hobbies. Please email if you'd like to join in more grass roots fun!

May 14th Flea Market Sign Ups Donation Instructions: ① Any clean, gently used items, ② Pre-sort clothes by men, women, boy, girl, S, M, L etc. ③ Suggested price/value Needs: Racks, Bins, Boxes

•Volunteer needs: ①Sorters and organizers (Friday, May 13th, can purchase items during sort) ②Flea Market Mamas to sell items

Donations drop off May 1st - May 13th

Drop off locations CLICK Google Map Links: Miss Hong's Apartment Reception 6A2, No.9, 589 Lane, Yingcai Road, West District 台中市西區英才路589巷9號6樓(6A2)洪瑩容 Member Kerri Smith's home Please call to arrange 0972-925-557 #2 Alley 7, Hung An Lane, Xitun Road, Sec. 3 407台中市西屯區西屯路三段 宏安巷7弄2號(宏台別莊)

May 4th Tracks: A Woman's Solo Trek Across 1700 Miles of Australian Outback by Robyn Davidson OR WATCH THE MOVIE!

Click here to vote for 2016-2017 Books!

Want to join in the book club next year? Vote for next year's books by May 11th. Results will be posted by June 1st.

Planning for Next Year

April Luncheon

Elections and Charity Luncheon Information May 11th The fine ladies listed below have accepted their nominations. At our May Luncheon, we will vote them into office and look forward to an amazing next year of wonderful leadership! Please have a look at which committees you would like to join for next year. We ask that all members find a small way to make a difference in IWAT.

List/Ballot of New Board Members: Aileen Gaudio Belle Weng Debbie Troia Jessica Wang Jessie Liao Jing Huang Kymalisa Froelich Lucie Huang Morelia Humphreys Rebecca MacNeal Sue Richards Terry Liao Sachiko Nakahara (Alternate)

List/Ballot of New Supervisors: Deling Liou Judy Liu Marilyn Manno Sandy Tsay We will also vote on our new By-Laws soon! IWAT Articles of Association in English and Chinese


1. Membership

  • Welcome Committee, Membership List and database

2. Events

  • Family Day, Christmas Party, Spring Fling

3. Outreach and Fundraising

  • Charity Fundraising Events (Bake Sale, Flea Market)

  • Community Resources (Taichung Unlocked)

  • Coffee Mornings

4. Luncheons

  • Casual, Potluck, Formal

5. Publicity

  • Website, Advertising, Newsletter

7. Tours/Workshops

  • DIY, Explore Taiwan

8. Activity Groups -Book Club

  • MahJong, Mom and Me, Biking Club,etc.

Calendar of Events


May 4 10am-12pm and 7pm-9pm Book Club (TRACKS) May 11 11am Elections and Charities Luncheon May 12 10am-12pm Incense Workshop May 13 PreSale/Sorting Day for the Flea Market May 14 Morrison Flea Market May 18 Nanzhuang Tour (FULL) May 25 10am-12pm Coffee Morning


Jun 1 11am Farewell Luncheon

Suspension of Official Activities for Summer see below for monthly activities in July and August

July 13 12pm Casual Luncheon August 10 12pm Casual Luncheon

Activities Resume September

September 7 11am Welcome Luncheon

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