October 2016 Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 3

Chairlady's Note

大家好嗎! Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all safe after Typhoon Megi hit us with her full force. As a native of the American southeast coast, I grew up waiting for the next hurricane to hit-mostly because it meant a day or two off from school, but also because the extreme of the storms always felt cleansing. Not only did the storms knock away the loose and rotting debris from the landscape, but they also forced me to pause and renew my appreciation for my blessings.

The past few weeks, I have been recovering from Shingles (virus). It is often triggered by stress and a compromised immune system. It was a wake up call that I have once again let myself become unbalanced. I was forced to put the brakes on all of my activity and really focus on what matters.

Then Megi came and gave me even more time to reflect. Last year, in October, I challenged myself and the IWAT membership to focus on a balanced lifestyle. Many of you all took up the challenge with concentrated effort. I did as well. But now I see that I did not keep that goal a priority.

And so with renewed enthusiasm, I take up the challenge again. I commit to finding physical and mental balance as well as finding social, work, and personal time balance. I hope you will join me beginning with our monthly luncheon on October 12th in the Dakeng Nature Area at the Sun Hot Spring Resort for a cleansing bath in the hot spring as well as lovely lunch.

While we lunch, we will have the opportunity to sign up for activity groups that will put us in touch with others who have similar interests. Then we will create Line Groups which will allow us to make connections with other members through shared interests. If you are not able to join in our hot spring luncheon, you may also sign up for our Line groups by clicking on this link and completing the survey. I will also post the survey below, so you can complete it now!

With much love,

Rebecca MacNeal


1. BAKE SALE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Bakers, Candy Makers, Shift Workers

2. COFFEE MORNING and BOOK CLUB Hostesses Needed!!!

Please email iwatpresident@gmail.com to get involved!


CLICK LINKS (if available) ON THIS NEWSLETTER TO JOIN IN or JUST EMAIL iwatpresident@gmail.com

October October 5 10am-12pm/7pm-9pm Book Club (The Girl in the Red Coat)

October 12 9am-2pm Spa Day and Monthly Luncheon October 19 10am-1pm Baking Workshop

October 20 11am-2pm Chinese Cooking Class October 26 10am-12pm Hueiming School Coffee Morning

October 29th 12pm-6pm Compass Festival Bake Sale Booth


November 2 10am-12pm/7pm-9pm Book Club (The Light Between Oceans)

November 9 11:30 Monthly Luncheon-Potluck!

November 16 Tour

November 30 Coffee Morning

Check out our Calendar Here too!


October Chinese Cooking Class

Jessie Liao, Workshop and tour maker extraordinaire brings us a Chinese Cooking Class: